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You’ll miss someone like me. Someone that’ll drop everything for you. Someone that’ll do anything to make you smile. Someone that’ll cross distances to see you. Someone that understands why you are the way you are. Someone that’ll always be honest with you. Someone that’ll never ask you to change. Someone that accepts all your flaws. But most importantly you’ll miss the love someone like me has for you- someone like me whose love is true.
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It is truly amazing to say, “I don’t care” and mean it and know that others know that you mean it. Liberate yourself.

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Hi love, do you have any advise for coping with depression and loneliness? thank you
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Spend some time with the trees. Go to a park and find a tree that you think is beautiful and put your hand on it and feel it. Sit under it and watch the world around you for a little while. Drop out of your mind and forget about being somebody. Write out everything that you’re feeling all of the time. Expressing these negative emotions will help get them out. Don’t be afraid to go out and find new people to hang out with if you feel that you have no one. And even when you do feel like you have no one, you have someone. You just forgot about them for a little while. Talk about it. Don’t stay in your room and hide for months. I did. Don’t do that. You will drive yourself insane and want to die. As much as you don’t want to go out and see the world, that’s the only way you’ll feel better. Try something new. Face what is hurting you. Dig out all of those dirty, sad, buried emotions and look at them. Why are they there? What do they mean to you? Don’t dwell on them, but acknowledge them. The more you push it away the harder it will be to get through it. Start over. You can always start over. I was so depressed I didn’t want to do anything. I literally just wanted to lay on the couch and ignore the entire world. I didn’t answer my phone, I ignored my friends when they showed up at my house, I’d hardly go anywhere and when I did I wouldn’t stay long, I didn’t eat, I didn’t care about anything. And then I realized I had a choice. Do I want to let my depression take over to the point where I am not even a living being? Or do I want to tell it to fuck off and go live my life the way I deserve to? So I moved into a house with friends and went back to school and I feel so much better. Face what is hurting you. Be stronger than your pain and it will diminish. 

"Words will never describe feelings. Only action will make her bloom." Thank you @note2selfinc for being a creator. ❤️ #takeaction #support


when family members ask if you’re dating someone yet

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Classic “y’all irritating” Star face

Welp. Goodnight, folks. #RP- @patiencesings

I dream too much, and I don’t write enough, and I’m trying to find God everywhere.
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French Colombian male model, Alexander Masson.

be my boyfriend please



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Look. Bitches love dick. But women love, love. Figure out if she’s a bitch or a woman.
  • -I've never been in love before.
  • -That's because we just met.

Couldn’t leave Atlanta without a souvenir. The start of a vinyl collection 😁 #outkast #atliens